Farm to Keiki

Bringing Aloha to the children of Kauai


One of three children in Hawaii are obese and overweight before their 5th birthday.
The Farm to Keiki program was created in 2010 to transform Hawai’i’s early childhood obesity concerns into preventative actions using Farm to Preschool intervention strategies.


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.36.19 AMThe Farm to Keiki Preschool Program provides the foundation our children need to grow life-long healthy habits. F2K provides preschools with fun and easy tools to engage our keiki and their families in active and healthy lifestyles through growing, cooking and eating fresh fruits and vegetables!

 Farm to Keiki is the only program in the state of Hawai’i that provides Farm to Preschool curriculum, teacher training and school garden technical support to early childhood education professionals. Programs for food quality improvement and nutrition education exist at the K-12 level in Hawai’i, however, this is the first program to specifically target preschool-aged children and their families.


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